Sex Keeper
Mobile App Intro
Landing Page
A simple landing page to introduce the app, give shortcut to download and keep users up to date.
A one-page website with a list of benefits, a short description of features, a news block about updates, notes about the application in popular sources, and contacts for feedback.
The key features of the app were highlighted right below the header. In this way, we show the user what he gets with the application and at the same time highlight the points that can convince the user to download the application.
Next, we show the user excerpts opinion from articles about the app in well-known media. That is, we authoritatively convince of the need for an application. This additional opinion is another key to gaining user trust.
In order for the landing page to appear in search engines better, we added a section to the site with short articles about upcoming or already made updates, as well as stories about significant features of the application.
The color scheme of the site is determined by the style of the app. The colorfulness of the site is achieved by visual accompaniment, such as article covers. In such way, the emphasis is maintained on the interface of the application.
Paying attention to publications about the application in popular media, we encourage them to download the app.
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