Sex Keeper App
Sexual Wellness Phone & Watch App
The challenge was designing a mobile app that wll comfortable and intimate for each user.
The Sex Keeper application offers the user to monitor sex activity and improve the quality of sex life. It contains functionality of a tracker, journaling, collecting statistics, educational resources. Design was developed for iOS, WatchOS and Android systems.
It was decided to develop design in a dark theme to create an intimate atmosphere tailored to the specific and especial user experience.
Based on the particular features provided by the app, we chose a dark background and bright accent colors for the design elements. Thus, the user is completely immersed in the circumstances, but at the same time has no difficulty in using the application.
The app interface is easy to navigate. The user has main thematic units in the tab bar: timer, wellness, statistics, pleasure. And also in each thematic block can easily switch between subsections in the top bar. Hense user can immediately find the feature of interest to him.
For the app interface on WatchOS, only the main functions were made for managing the timer during activity and displaying the main indicators. In this way, the app on the watch isn’t overloaded with information and carries the function of recording the process.
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