Send & Sell
CRM for VKontakte
Web Service
The design of the service was made according to the guidelines of the social network Vkontakte. It looks organic and familiar for successful work.
Nowadays, CRM system is one of the keys to communicating a business with its customers and directive sales their products. Send & Sell provides services for optimized custom work of account and sales managers and give the opportunity business control over these processes. The main goal of the service is to keep in touch with customers through the system of groups and the messenger of the social network Vkontakte.
The design elements of a standard interface of a social network contributes to the rapid adaptation of the manager to work with the CRM system.
The main task in creating the design of the Send & Sell service was to create a comfortable working environment, with the possibility of quick adaptation. When developing the design, we actively collaborated with sales managers to better understand how the marketing and sales processes line up.
The system consists of several large blocks of functions, which are grouped in the side menu.
Each group of functions has its own tasks and capabilities, which we have displayed in the design in the right side menu. So, the user can easily navigate between the left menu with main functions and the left menu with subtasks. And has the main working area in the central block.
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