Scanius PRO
Shortly About Application
Landing Page
Clean design with bright colors for perception of only key information
Blank background, structured blocks of text, and colored accents on visuals so user can easily focus their attention on each of the functions of the application and highlight.
The Scanuis Pro landing had two main goals. Provide the user with information about the capabilities of the application. Give the user a shortcut to download the app.
Design + Tilda
Design + Fully Functional Website
The executed work included the creation of an adaptive design for all types of devices and the creation of a functioning website in the Tilda service. Check the work.
In conclusion, we provide the user with a simple schedule of the entire functions available in the application, information about the current discount on the purchase of the application, and a direct download link.
Each set of features is allocated to a separate design block. So user immediately determines in the first block how he can edit the document scans he created, in the second block what are the ways to share these document scans.
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