Ray AI
Photo Editor &
AI Avatars Generator iPhone & Android App
Ray AI is an all-in-one photo editing and avatar creation application that provides users with a simple and straightforward experience while allowing them to create unique and vivid avatars and edit their photos with ease.
AI Avatars Generator
Before buying the avatar generation feature, users can view a full catalog of avatars that have already been created by the Ray AI system. This allows users to understand what they are buying, and all their questions and doubts are visually answered in advance.
Ray AI is designed to provide users with a simple and straightforward experience while creating unique avatars. Users can easily navigate through the app's four steps to create accurate avatars, and all created avatar packs are placed in the library for easy access.
Photo Editor
The photo editor is a large section of the application that includes more than fourteen tools with various options and settings. A dark theme has been chosen for the editing screens to make it comfortable for the user to edit images for a long time.
The application's design is minimalistic and almost monochrome to ensure that the focus remains on the graphic content.
Standard Adjustment Tools
The photo editor is a complete and powerful tool that provides users with everything they need to edit their photos quickly and easily, including adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation of photos to create more vibrant images.
Backdrop Changing
Easily remove backgrounds in one tap and replace them with something more suitable. For users who want to create professional-looking photos for their business or personal use.
Filters Catalog
Selecting a photo filter from a catalog of impressive author's or classic standard filters and setting up an overlay by users choice.
Text Adding
Feature that allows a range of fonts and styles to choose from. Users can add captions, quotes to add a personal touch to their photos or create content for social media platforms.
Brush Tool
Create a simple and quick background for text or draw a small sketch on a photo with advanced brush settings.
Design of the app is created to be user-friendly, and users can easily navigate through the different sections or tools of the app. The application is designed to provide users with the ability to edit their photos on the go.
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