DCR School
Educational Courses iPhone & Android App
The challenge was designing a educational mobile app in a familiar and understandable at a glance design.
The design was created based on the iOS 13 guideline and inspired by the App Store the most popular catalog in the world. Thus, the user finds himself in a familiar environment and acts in it according to the usual scenario.
In the process of creating the design, it was taken into account that the user should have easy access to information about the trainings planned for today, a general catalog and courses planned for training.
We believe that the learning process should be clean and comfortable. And pleasant user experience is one of the keys to high conversion.
The educational system consists of a choice of courses by specialties. So, the user, choosing the profession in the list, get a set of skills that they will learn and the corresponding courses. The user can also view information about the teacher of the selected course.
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