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All About Cyber Sport Web Service
The CBR service is an aggregator of news and events related to eSports. The service was created for all involved, beginners, observers, amateurs, professionals.
The main idea of the service is that the customer has the opportunity to be aware of the latest events in the world of eSports. As well as the creation of an organized community, so that everyone could feel a part of the world of eSports.
The interface has a light and dark theme. You can follow eSports both day and night without strain.
Part of the service is dedicated to relevant information. And part of the service is dedicated to content from users. So we can say that CBR is partly a news aggregator with a single area of interest and partly a thematic social network for those involved in cybersports. Accordingly, the design and block interface of the service are modeled after the news aggregators and the social network Twitter.
Main & News
The main page of the service consists of a newsfeed, as well as widgets with live broadcasts of current matches and the latest posts in personal blogs. In addition, the user sees on the main page a widget with current topics at the moment. The news section is the main part of the service, so there is a noticeable emphasis on it. The user can not only read articles, but also write his own notes with news that will be checked, rate news posts, comment and add to his list of favorites.
Live & Matches
One of the service's sections is a live stream of the current matches of the most popular games in text format. If you do not have the opportunity to watch a live stream of the match in other services, you can follow your favorite teams in a convenient text format. You can also share your emotions with other users in the comments. In addition, this section has a schedule of future matches. Thus, you will always be aware of upcoming events and won't miss anything important.
Personal Blogs
In the blogs section, the user can express himself and write any kind of posts. The user can publish images, videos, record audio messages, organize voting, leave links to broadcasts and communicate with other users. When a user reaches a certain level of rating, he gets an Achievement with the name expert.
If it seems that service remind you Twitter, it don't. In our opinion, this format is the most convenient for social interaction and for those who want to be aware of what is happening in a certain area.
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